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Measuring Business Success – Net Income versus Cash Flow

April 29, 2015

Net income or cash flow – if you’re a business owner, what is more important? The answer isn’t so simple. To have a good understanding of the financial health of a business, you should be looki

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The Misunderstood Budget

March 18, 2015

Budgets are one of the most common yet misunderstood business tools. Often what comes to mind when we think of budgets are cuts and cost control. When we ask owners why they don’t use them, we hear

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A Field Guide: Understanding Business Risk

February 27, 2015

I have been in business for almost 30 years and have observed businesses as an accountant, business advisor and business valuator. I believe I can recognize those businesses and those people that will

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Marriage and Business – For Better or for Worse?

February 13, 2015

There are many events in one’s life that could have major implications on a business, both positively and negatively. One of these events is marriage. It is imperative that business owners have a pl

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Management Dashboards 102 – How can they help you?

February 5, 2015

Now you understand what a management dashboard is (if you don’t, see our most recent blog post –

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Management Dashboards 101

January 29, 2015

What is a management dashboard? Management dashboard is simply a fancy term for informational reports that management uses to help make decisions.

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Corporate Debt – Not Always a Bad Thing?

January 22, 2015

Society trains us to think that debt is a bad thing, but that’s not always the case. For small businesses, the willingness to take on debt may be the key for growth. When facing a growth opportunity

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Tigers and Donkeys – an observation of business success

January 16, 2015

If you ask a group of entrepreneurs whether they would describe themselves as either a tiger or a donkey, guaranteed you won’t get many who say they are donkeys. Who wouldn’t want to be a

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How to find your business strategy right under your nose

December 9, 2014

Often the best business strategy is, in fact, no strategy at all. In other words, do what you’ve been doing, but do it even better. A good place to start is to make a list of what is working well, a

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