Smythe Advisory featured in Business in Vancouver

January 23, 2020

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Maximizing Value when Selling a Service-Based Business

Click here to read the full article (navigate to page 21)

Smythe Advisory’s Arthur Klein was recently featured in Business in Vancouver’s Retirement Edition for an article that he wrote on Maximizing Value When Selling a Service-Based Business.

In this article, Arthur provides six strategies to help increase the value of your business to ensure it is saleable.

“While demand for good businesses is quite strong, it is a competitive environment, so it’s important that sellers make their businesses as attractive as possible,” said Arthur. “The strategies will help maximize value and, more critically, ensure that your business is saleable.”

To read the full article, navigate to page 21 within Business in Vancouver’s 2020 Retirement Issue:

If you would like to learn more about maximizing the value of your business for a sale, please contact Arthur directly at or (604) 694-7528.



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