Business Acquisition Advisory Services

Acquisitions can be an efficient way to achieve growth or get a foothold in an industry. At Smythe Advisory we have an experienced team who can help identify, price, evaluate and acquire suitable businesses for sale.

Our Services

  • Develop an acquisition strategy
  • Identify and approach appropriate acquisition opportunities
  • Undertake analysis and valuation of the business operations
  • Assist in the negotiation and structure of the transaction
  • Help raise debt or equity capital
  • Provide business advice during the drafting of legal agreements
  • Advise organizations on management buy-outs

Our Expertise

Our services include both finding potential acquisition targets and undertaking a detailed due diligence review. Our deliverable often includes a Quality of Earnings report that summarizes the findings of our due diligence and provides insights into risks and opportunities. We take the lead by coordinating the buy-side team including financial, tax and legal advisors and regularly engage to create a financial model that can be used for integration planning and financing.

Selling a Business?

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of doing business contact Alex Wong.

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